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Using Media Keys in Shift (Mac users)

Media keys can be used in Shift for apps like Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, and Google Play. A media key is a key on your keyboard with a special purpose in a particular app. For example, you can use media keys to play, pause, and skip through your music in Spotify. > **Media keys are available for Mac users.** ## How…

Shift 4.0.29 - Released 2020-05-13

Shift 4.0.27 has arrived in Shift's Stable channel! ## Updates ### **Wunderlist has been discontinued by Microsoft** * Wunderlist is now transforming into Microsoft To-Do. * If you use Wunderlist, you can still import your Wunderlist data into Microsoft To do and continue using To Do in Shift. * For more in…

Switching between Emails, Apps, Workspaces, and Web Tabs

Shift offers various features to enhance your productivity while you are working such as Keyboard Shortcuts, an App Switcher, and Unified Search. These features ensure that you are able to stay focused while navigating across your Emails and Apps. ## **Unified Search** Unified Search allows you to view contents from…

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