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Shift 5.0.88 - Released 2020-09-23

We're pleased to present that Shift Version 5.0.88 has been released to the Stable channel. To learn how to update to the latest version of Shift please click [here. ][1] # Updates * Windows users can close the Shift app to the System Tray through Shift Settings. * Gmail messages are updated more frequently to …

Shift 5.0.86 - Released 2020-09-16

Shift version 5.0.86 has been released to the Stable channel with a new batch of available applications, exciting updates, and important bug fixes. # Updates * We brought back the ability to close Shift to the System Tray on Windows OS! * Auto-fill can be adjusted when searching in a browser URL in Shift! ### …

Shift 2.3.1 - Released 2017-12-08

**Bug Fixes** Resolved: Shift would display a blank grey screen when memory was constrained on Windows 7 and Windows 10. * Windows 7 and 10 users were experiencing a blank window in certain Shift windows. This bug has been resolved to ensure all windows in Shift load as expected. Resolved: Any changes made to Set…

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