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How Shift keeps your password data safe (v7 Legacy)

## **How the encryption process works** Your password data is protected using advanced encryption that adheres to industry best practices for cryptography. When you use the Shift Password Manager, an encrypted file (known as your Password Vault) is created on your computer. If the Backup and Sync setting is turned on…

How to use Shift's Password Manager (v7 Legacy)

Use Shift's built-in Password Manager feature to easily import, save, and manage your passwords! Shift's Password Manager is turned on in your settings by default. 🔐 When you use Shift's Password Manager, a Vault and Vault Password will automatically be created for you. You can access your Vault Password via your Eme…

How to import passwords from your browser (v7 legacy)

**_A fix for the broken password import function can be accessed on our latest Beta release, version 7.2.5 _**🔨 **- _[Click here to read more.][1]_** Shift has a solution for you to import all of your passwords from your browser into Shift. Your Chrome passwords will be seamlessly converted into logins for everything…

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