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Using Focused Web Tabs in Shift

When browsing in Shift, you can think of Shift as its own unique browser that helps keep your web tabs organized by the email, app, or Workspace you browse within. ## **How to Pin Web Tabs** You can pin a web tab anywhere in Shift by right-clicking on the tab and selecting "Pin." Your pinned tabs will appear in the …

Who can see my Tabs in a shared Workspace?

Workspaces can be shared with anyone you choose to allow easy and simple collaboration amongst teams. πŸ€— Unlike Bookmarks, Tabs in Workspaces are not automatically shared with your teammates. However, you do have the option of sharing your tabs with collaborators of your Workspace by generating a "Share Link" and sele…

Shift 5.0.65 - Released 2020-06-16

Shift 5.0.65 has been released to the Stable channel! ## Introducing, Workspaces 🌟 An entirely new way of using Shift has arrived. Create unique workspaces within Shift. Compartmentalize your apps in Shift to create Workspaces for specific topics. Use Workspaces to collaborate with your colleagues, or plan with f…

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