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Switching between Emails, Apps, Workspaces, and Web Tabs
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Shift offers various features to enhance your productivity while you are working such as Keyboard Shortcuts, an App Switcher, and Unified Search. These features ensure that you are able to stay focused while navigating across your Emails and Apps.


Unified Search

Unified Search allows you to view contents from all of your Mail, Calendar, and Drive accounts to quickly find the information you need. You can find Unified Search is the 'magnifying glass' icon at the top-left corner of Shift. You can filter your search based on certain criteria in order to include or exclude certain accounts. 

App switcher

With the Shift app switcher, you can quickly toggle from one app to another in Shift. When you switch back, you can pick up right where you left off. To use the app switcher:

  1. Open Shift on your primary monitor
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut to expose the App Switcher
  3. Use your left and right arrow keys to scroll through your emails, apps, Workspaces, and open web tabs

Mac: Cmd + ~

Windows and Linux: Ctrl + Tab

Keyboard shortcuts

Shift uses unique keyboard shortcuts that can be utilized to quickly copy, paste, or reload Shift as a troubleshooting method. 



Windows & Linux


Undo  Ctrl Z   Cmd Z
Redo Ctrl ↑ Z

Cmd ↑ Z


Ctrl X

Cmd X


Ctrl C

Cmd C


Ctrl V

Cmd V

Paste and Match Style

Alt Ctrl ↑ V

Opt Cmd ↑ Z

Select All

Ctrl A

Cmd A

Ctrl F

Cmd F

Find Next Ctrl G

Cmd G




Windows & Linux


Preferences  Ctrl ,   Cmd ,
Quit Ctrl Q

Cmd Q

Zoom In

Ctrl =

Cmd =

Zoom Out

Ctrl -

Cmd -

Reset Zoom

Ctrl 0

Cmd 0


Ctrl P

Cmd P


Ctrl R

Cmd R
Reload App

Ctrl ↑ R

Cmd ↑ R

Developer Tools Alt Ctrl J

Opt Cmd J

Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl / Cmd /
Unified Search Ctrl K Cmd K




Windows & Linux


Navigate Back  Ctrl [   Cmd [
Navigate Forward Ctrl ]

Cmd ]


Ctrl ↑ H

Cmd ↑ H

Navigate to Email

Ctrl 1

Cmd 1

Navigate to Calendar

Ctrl 2

Cmd 2

Navigate to Drive

Ctrl 3

Cmd 3

Navigate to Google Services

Ctrl 4

Cmd 4
Previous Account/App

Alt Ctrl [

Opt Cmd Up

Next Account/App Alt Ctrl ]

Opt Cmd Down




Windows & Linux


Next Tab  Ctrl Tab Cmd `  
Previous Tab Ctrl ↑ Tab

Cmd ↑ `

Next Tab

Ctrl Tab →

Cmd ` →

Previous Tab

Ctrl Tab ←

Cmd ` ←


Ctrl Tab Esc

Cmd ` Esc




Windows & Linux


Open New Tab  Ctrl T Cmd T  
Open Link in Background Tab Ctrl Click

Cmd Click

Close Tab

Ctrl W

Cmd W

Move Right

Ctrl ↑ ]

Opt Cmd →

Move Left

Ctrl ↑ [

Opt Cmd ←




Windows & Linux


Show Window  Ctrl N Cmd N  
Focus Address Bar Alt D

Cmd L

Close Window

Ctrl W

Cmd W


Ctrl H

Cmd H

Hide Others

Alt Ctrl H

Opt Cmd H

Toggle Full Screen F11 ^ Cmd F
Exit Full Screen Esc Esc
Toggle Menu Ctrl \ Cmd \
Minimize Ctrl M Cmd M

To find a full view of your keyboard shortcuts please press one of the following: 

Mac : Cmd + / 

Windows :"Ctrl + /"



What's next?

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Learn how to use Shift on multiple devices here. 


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.


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